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Fire safety

Dear guests!

We are glad to see you in our hotel and we'll be grateful to you for respecting the following demands of fire-escaping security:

  • do not use electro-heaters such as irons, tea-urns, coffee-pots, etc.
  • do not smoke in the cage, in bed; do not leave lighted cigarettes and matches;
  • do not keep fire-dangerous and explosive substances and materials in the room;
  • use ashtray and do not throw cigarettes in the paper-basket;
  • while leaving the room, switch off the TVset, air-conditioner, lamps;
  • remember, if possible, all the exits on your stage for evacuation in case of emergency circumstances;
  • inform the hotel service and call the fire company in case of fire in your room;
  • take all the possible measures for quenching the fire;
  • if you are not able to quench the fire, leave the room and shut the door, without locking it;
  • leave the dangerous zone and act according to the directions of administration or the firemen.

If the fire is out of your room take the following measures:

  • shut the windows and the door in your room and leave the building avoiding the fumy corridors and staircases;
  • if it's impossible to leave the building because of the smoke, stay in your room;
  • open the window, shut the door and stuff the door and upcast cracks with wet towels and bedclothes;
  • this help you avoid poisoning with smoke. Try to inform the administrator by phone about your location. When the fire company arrive to the place of incident, come to the window and give a distress signal.

We hope you'll respect the demands of fire security. We wish you to have a good rest in our hotel and warm remembrance of our town Arseniev.

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