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Arsenyev is the heart of Primorsky region

Recreation in Arsenyev

The town of tourism and hospitality
Arsenyev is the young town of aircraft-buildings.
The town locates in picturesque part of Far East taiga.
Our town includes the unique combination of greatest natural resources with skillful leadership.
All this make our town a perfect place for fruitful work and comfortable rest.

The "Obzornaya" hill is one of the highest peaks of Primorsky krai. When you climb the hill, you can see the town panoramic, Arsenyevka river valley, territory of reserve Tihiy, part of the Sikhote-Alin Mountains, small villages of Yakovlevsky and Anuchinsky district. The hill is 875 meters above sea level and 650 meters above town.
If you like winter sports, our mountain-skis base makes you happy! Skis-base is reputed to be among the best in the Primorsky krai.
There are two lines for main and sportsmen-beginners.
Lines are 2300m, and elevation range – 500m.
A lot of snow, clean mountain air -all this attracts tourists from our country. A lot of people are preparing for competitions there. Citizen from all Far East learn ski and families spend their holidays. The perfect ski season lasts from December until mid-March.

If you visit our town in July, you should visit one of Lotus lakes. Lakes locate only 5-10 km away from the town. In this time of year, lakes are covered with pale pink flowers, which tower over "green carpet" likes torches. Bloom of lotus flower is magnificent view. Lotus is a rare, sacred, relic flower, which is still keeping secrets of tertiary period.
The Skydiving club provides a unique opportunity to see a town and its neighboring from height of the bird's flight and endure bright impressions.
An independent parachute jump, a tandem jump with an instructor, sightseeing group flights, air weddings, parachute performances (promotions, anniversaries, presentations) and competitions – all this held will leave unforgettable impressions for thrill-seekers!

Photos by Evgeniy Kretinin, Nataliya Kurilenko
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